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Pressure Test Units (PTU)

PTUs are skid-mounted units used for pressure-testing or leak-testing any kind of pressurized equipment (eg: pressure vessels, valve bodies, piping…). We propose two types of PTU for sale or rental: liquid PTU and gas PTU.

Liquid PTUs:
Our Liquid PTUs are skid-mounted units equipped with one or several air-driven HP pumps, filters, pressure gauges, control and safety devices. All our units are made of stainless steel 316 frame and wet parts on a standard basis. They can be made of more exotic materials and be equipped with various options, including: supply tanks, accumulators, pressure recorders, temperature recorders or flowmeters.
Our Liquid PTUs are primarily used for hydrostatic pressure testing applications up to 60,000 psi. But our larger units are also well suited for small bore pipe high pressure flushing and non-continuous high pressure chemical injection.

Gas PTUs:
Our Gas PTUs are visually similar to liquid PTU, except that they are equipped with air-driven HP gas compressors instead of HP pumps. They come with the same architecture and standard equipment (filters, pressure gauges, control and safety devices) and options: buffer supply and discharge tanks, pressure recorders, temperature recorders or flowmeters.
Our Gas PTUs are primarily used for nitrogen and helium leak-testing applications, up to 22,500 psi.

We propose standard, cost-competitive models of both Liquid and Gas PTUs with single pump or compressor, and local control panel. But we are also used to designing and manufacturing complex PTUs with multiple pumps and compressors, and remote Atex control systems for integration in manufacturing plants, refineries or oil production platforms.