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Novawell Awarded a New Flowline Inspection Campaign

Montpellier, France – April 2021

NOVAWELL’s Subsea Oil&Gas division has been awarded a major deepwater flowline inspection campaign by a mid-size operator in the Gulf of Guinea.

The campaign will be executed using NOVAWELL’s proprietary ROV tool Poseidon X6TM, in water depths ranging from 100 to 850m.

NOVAWELL’s Poseidon X6TM allows for assessing the remaining wall thickness of flowlines through thick coating, without any impact on the flowline production. Poseidon X6TM can scan 1m of flowline at 360° in 2 minutes from a single position and deliver a 3D corrosion map of the pipewall remaining wall thickness.

The present campaign involves an exceptionally large scope of work including more than 60 flowline inspection locations to be scanned over 2 to 3m length each.